Dear Christian Brothers High School Community,

Christian Brothers High School is engaging in a strategic planning process.  Where do we want to be in the next 3 – 5 years?

Part of planning for our future must include considering how Christian Brothers High School plays a part in the long-term sustainability of Catholic education in Memphis.  For many years, there have been conversations in the CBHS community and beyond, as to the potential for adding a junior high program to the school.  Some raise the question from a position that considers only how this would benefit CBHS.  Others raise the question as part of a bigger question.  How can CBHS contribute to strengthening Pre-K – 12 Catholic education in Memphis?  Both questions have been raised, yet never effectively answered, which has created the potential for an ongoing roadblock to effective planning.

The decision was made to conduct a study on the feasibility of adding an expanded mission to serve young men beginning in Grade 7.  Catholic School Management, a subsidiary of Christian Brothers Services, has been retained to assist us with this study.

The feasibility study includes the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data.  Catholic School Management is currently studying demographic data that we have shared with them.  Individual meetings and focus groups will be conducted in mid-October.  The study should be completed by Thanksgiving.  The results of the study will serve to define further the planning environment on which Christian Brothers High School’s strategic plan will be built.  Planning activities will continue into 2020. 

We want to emphasize that a decision has not yet been made to add a middle school at Christian Brothers High School.  We are only raising the question.  Is there a need for a middle school?  Will our community support the idea?  By doing this study, we will put the question to rest.  Regardless of the outcome of this feasibility study, strategic planning will continue, and the Christian Brothers High School community can anticipate the release of a strategic plan by the end of this 2019 – 2020 school year. 

Thank you for your support and interest in Christian Brothers High School.  Be assured of our prayers and the prayers of the entire CBHS community who remember our friends and benefactors daily before the Lord.  Please pray for us.  We will keep you apprised of the results of the study.

With prayerful best wishes, we remain

Brother David Poos, FSC                                                      

Dr. Chris Fay