February 2020

This semester, I am teaching a section of English III. Our first theme assignment required the boys to write about any bad habits they acquired in 2019 that they would like to eliminate this year. One of the boys wrote candidly about his inclination to procrastinate on schoolwork (though he submitted his assignment on time), and this month, I contrast his theme with the message of immediacy in the Gospel of Matthew.

In Matthew, the writers use language in the story of Jesus beginning his ministry that is important in the lives of our boys. As Jesus summons his disciples for the first time, the writers of the Gospel of Matthew use “at once” and “immediately” to describe how the disciples responded to His call. The apostles Andrew, James, John and Peter never delayed in their decision to follow Christ.

It is easy to allow the noise of everyday life to distract us and lure us into the trap of procrastination. Great discipline and focus is required to block this out.  Let us encourage our sons to reduce their distractions and prioritize their lives so they may hear the loving voice of God, who calls on us all to serve others.

I pray that your son follows the example the Gospel of Matthew teaches us so that they may respond, at once, to His call.

God Bless,